5 Secrets to Lose Weight Successfully


From “Oh, you have gained weight”
“OMG you look Fat”


This transformation did not take place over the night, it’s a gradual process and believes me, and gaining weight is easy as compared to losing some pounds of fat from your body. Every 4th men & women in England are obese.


Here are 5 Top Secret ways to lose fat by understanding the physiology of the body:


1. Exercise:


Wait what Exercise? What is the secret in it? We all know that it is the main element to lose weight.


Of course, it is the main part of any weight loss regime but until and unless you don’t know the science behind it you will not lose weight but you may hurt your body. The science is simple fat burning starts after the initial 45-60 minutes of exercises, for the first 45-60 minutes only glucose and water loss takes place so whoever claims that “we will help you lose 5-7 kg in one week” have a clear knowledge of this science. Body’s initial source of energy is glucose once it gets exhausted it moves towards Protein and then fat. So those exercises which you performed after 1 hour will help you lose fat easily.


So here’s how you can plan your exercise regime:


45-60 minutes- Cycling, Treadmill, Cross trainer. The mentioned activity utilizes all four limbs of the body along with the Tummy Muscles (Core Muscle). After this, you will have to shift towards core muscle activities. Pilates is good along with cross legs, Jumps, Squats, Glute Bridging etc. Just keep in mind you don’t need weights to lift all you can do is increase the repetitions and hold time for up to 1 min-15 min of such exercise would definitely help in inch loss and weight loss.


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Understanding the physiology after exercises are secretion of hormones mainly Endorphins, Estrogen, Dopamine, growth factors, serotonin. All these hormones have different roles in the body. Endorphins, serotonin responsible for Happy feelings, good sleep, good mood. A good level of Estrogen in the body helps in burning fat in women and carbs in men’s body. Dopamine is a pleasure hormone. Growth hormone stimulates and regulates the production of muscle mass growth.


2. Diet:


Fresh Carbohydrate and a moderate amount of Protein intake would boost the weight loss process. A healthy diet would include Carbohydrate such as Brown Rice, Oats, Muesli, Barley, Cornflakes. Make sure when you eat these you use smaller plates and bowls and while eating protein-rich food you use regular plates. Do not try to skip fats completely from your body as Vitamin A, D, E, K are fat soluble vitamins, which means they are absorbed along with the fats in the diet and stored in fatty tissue. A diet chart is incomplete without high fiber food. Generally, there are 2 types of fibrous food. One is soluble fiber which makes the stomach feel full and other which helps as the cleansing agent of the intestine. Both of them are present in vegetables. Remember do not STARVE to lose weight.


3. Water intake:


This is the most important part of weight loss regime. You must avoid all types of carbonated Drinks; Salted Drinks controlled the amount of tea & coffee. Use following instructions for water intakes:


I) Start drinking Lukewarm water, this will help in digestion because its temperature is similar to our inside intestine temperature. Drinking cold water results in vasoconstriction of blood capillaries resulting in a slowing of the functioning of stomach and intestine.


II) Do not drink water just after the meal this will lead to indigestion. Keep yourself hydrated at least 1 hour before the meal.


III) Drink 1-2 glass of lukewarm water early in the morning; this will help you in emptying your bowel.


IV) Try different Smoothie recipes every morning and use warm water in it. This will fulfill your fibrous diet and water diet both.


4. Good Friend Circle


5. Positive Attitude


I am merging point 4 & 5 as they are interrelated with each other. You need to have good friends and family surrounding you, who can encourage you to achieve your goals and not those who try to discourage you, taunt you over your appearance and laugh at your goals. This will affect 5th point positive attitude. Every morning you wake up with the positive attitude of losing weight but these people start discouraging you and this will lead to loss of enthusiasm over the time. So get rid of such people.


Additional point:


During your weight loss phase make sure you check your weight on weekly basis. If you check it daily you may start losing your interest because you will not lose weight over the night, and sometimes you found that you have gained weight again, but it’s water weight it’s your body water which has restored, so do not get tensed over it, unless you have skipped the healthy meal and had junk food.


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